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We offer a variety of parties to include aspects of Cheerleading  , Pop Dance , Face Painting,  

Make up Parties, Costumes and Games and Props...


You book the location and the guests then tell us what you want and we

will plan a perfect party!  We host parties from 3 years up!


Our £65 party  includes a birthday gift for the child and will be 45 mins.

If you want a longer party or to include face painting or make up speak to

us today we will do all we can to accomodate your needs.



Contact us to book your party now!!!!





(£65 Parties are for up to 15 children, if more are attending please speak to us:

Parties outside of our teaching locations  may incur extra costs


Photos may be taken at your party and used for publication, all make up/ face painting are hypo allergenic,

but it is the party organiser to check all children can wear it)


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