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Cheer-a-cality All-Stars :Competition Team

We offer Cheerleaders from 10 years up to try out for our competition teams.


Our 16/17 teams are

:Cheer-a-cality All-Stars Comets Youth Level 1

:Cheer-a-cality All-Stars Apollo Senior Level 1

:Cheer-a-cality All-Stars Galaxy Senior Level 1 Stunt Team

:Cheer-a-cality All-Stars Infinity Senior Level 2 Stunt Team


Previous placings

2017 Southern ICC Stunt teams 2nd Place Senior level 1 and 2.

2017 Southern ICC 3rd Place Senior Large Level 1

2017 Southern ICC 6th Place Youth - 1st every competition

2016 BCA 2nd Place Senior Level 1 Large

2016 Southern ICC 2nd Place Level 1 Large Seniors

2016 Southern ICC 5th Place Level 2 Stunt Seniors

2015 Southern ICC champions 1st place Stunt Level 1 Seniors

2015 National ICC Champions 1 st Place Stunt Level 1

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