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Terms and Conditions


*     Respect all coaches at all times.

*     Students and Parents to treat each other with respect and behave appropriately at all times

*     Be safe and sensible, not silly and stupid!

*     Always be punctual for lessons.

*     To strive for 100% attendance

*     Participate to the best of your ability

*     Teaching to dance and cheer correctly will from time to time involve physical contact, to get students into  the correct stance for   example. We aim to make these corrections with due care and respect for dignity but these corrections must be made as part of class training.

*    Always dress in the correct uniform

*    Hair must be tied back for all classes

*    For safety reasons YOU MUST NOT ANY WEAR JEWELLERY

*    Mobile Phones can be brought to class but must be on silent and kept in bags, or with the coach.


*    It shall be squad policy that disciplinary action will only be taken as a last resort, and that every reasonable attempt will be made to avoid  situations likely to lead to such action through squad discussion and positive encouragement, by example and by finding ways and means to correct negative trends. However any child that is continually disruptive can be asked to leave permanently.

*      Students and Parents will not comment any negative discussions about the school, teachers or pupils on any social sites,   otherwise disciplinary action will be enforced.

; Parents and children over 13 can be added to our social groups. If you leave the school you will be deleted from our private pages , but you can of course still follow our public pages.

*      All under 18's must complete an enrolement form.

*      And most importantly, ALWAYS HAVE FUN!!



A copy of our child protection, Behaviour policy, Qualifications of staff, Emergency Safety procedure and Insurance are availiable on request . You must provide your own health insurance for your child for all our activites.



Bills will be issued in termly fees in advance of the terms and must be paid within one week of the designated payment date, otherwise a £15 additional late charge will occur, If no payment is made by the third week your child will be unable to dance until the outstanding payment is made. Online payments only and payment plans can be organised.

10% discount for siblings- Competition classes not included in this. - Please talk to us if you need to discuss other payment plans.



A half terms notice in writing (six - eight weeks) is requested if you wish to withdraw your child from the school.  If written notification is not received, a half terms fee is required to be paid in full.

Please note - once fee payment has been received it is non-refundable



All students will get the opportunity to perform throughout the year, please note if you choose to participate in some performances additional charges may occur.



All complaints must be emailed to who will deal with the matter in hand confidentially.

Term Dates


Lessons restart on Friday January 5th 2018 - 29th March 2018

Half Term 12th - 16th February 2018

May 19th 2018 Show at the Berry Theatre